There are an array of benefits that come with enlisting commercial cleaning services. Not only does scheduled office cleaning work toward enhancing the health of your employees, but it also boosts productivity of your business hence increasing your bottom line. However, when it comes to commercial cleaning services, some entrepreneurs simply opt to schedule it occasionally in hopes that everything can be done at once. This may work for spring cleaning, but it also means that there are aspects of your office that require regular cleaning that will be overlooked. By engaging commercial cleaning services on a daily basis, you effectively work toward creating a good first impression with all potential customers that walk into your premises. Here are some tips to creating a great first impression with your lobby. 

Focus on high traffic areas

One of the most important areas to clean on a daily basis would be those experiencing high consumer traffic. Since the lobby is the main area where individuals both access and exit from your business, it is also the most prone to becoming dirty. You can hire a commercial cleaning crew to ensure that the carpet and upholstery is surface cleaned daily rather than waiting for thorough cleaning once in a while. 

Get entrance mats for your business

Entrance mats can benefit your business in two main ways. For one, they will greatly decrease the amount of dirt that is being tracked in by visitors to your office premises. This makes it easier for commercial cleaning services to keep your carpets clean and they can change your entrance mats for you on a daily basis. Secondly, entrance mats can add character to your office. You can opt to have these customized with the logo and colours of your company. This not only lends to a professional appearance for your office premises, but it also gives a mental image for potential clients to remember. 

Regular have your air conditioning filters cleaned

The smell of a place can linger in your memory for a significant period of time. Your office may appear spic and span, but if there are any lingering smells in the air, chances are this will give a bad impression to potential clients. The tricky thing about smells that keep being recirculated into the office space is that you and your workers become used to them, thus they are no longer detectable by your senses. To ensure there are no foul odours, which are generated by regular office use, being recirculated in your air, it would be best to opt for regular cleaning of your filters by commercial cleaners