Machining has been a part of industrial manufacturing and fabrication for many years now. In Australia, machining is done both manually and via CNC machines. If you are a manufacturer or a fabricating firm, you may be struggling to leave manual processing and embrace CNC technology. In this article, find out whether the switch is viable and what you stand to gain from it.

Make higher quality products

Like any other automated process, CNC machining offers high precision and uniformity. The machine can repeat the same processes hundreds of times while producing identical products each time. There are no errors created and this reduces wastage, as well as time used to re-do work, as is the case with manual machining. High precision and uniformity also increase the quality of your products, allowing you to tighten the market competition, increase product prices, or both. 

Increase your production turnover                                 

Unlike manual processing that is prone to human fatigue and disposition, CNC machines can churn out machined products one after the other, all day long. Most importantly, you can control the speeds of the tools to increase processing speeds. Together, these two factors allow your business to increase product turnover levels. You can then expand your market and take on bigger clients.

Reduce your labour costs significantly

Again, thanks to automation, CNC machining will allow you to reduce your labour reliance significantly. A CNC machine only requires one operator and a few assistants to handle the processed materials. In fact, a single operator can supervise several CNC machines at a go. With fewer salaries to worry about, you can channel the extra cash towards maintaining your new acquisition or towards paying for the machine.

Enjoy a variety of machining services

A CNC machine boasts a wide variety of services. Indeed, it is a one-stop shop for all your machining needs. Loaded with mills, lathes, routers and grinders, it can offer services such as milling, grinding, facing, tapping, boring, drilling, reaming, perforation, etc. With a CNC machine, therefore, you will never have to outsource services or undermine quality due to a lack of equipment.

Save space and overhead costs

Another benefit of CNC machining that you may not know about is space economy. One machine has the capacity to handle multiple tasks and produce multiple orders all day long. That, plus reduced labour, means you only need a small workspace to operate in. You can therefore enjoy reduced overhead costs such as rent, lighting and energy.

There are only two major drawbacks with CNC machining. One is that the machines are capital-intensive. The other is that your staff will need to be trained on how to operate the machine before you can begin to use it. However, all things considered, CNC machining is a huge plus for your business.