When the holidays arrive, it is time to start thinking about decorating your offices and commercial building. If you want to hang lights outside of the building, there are some things to keep in mind. Since this can potentially be a dangerous job, make sure you take the right safety precautions before getting started.

Check All the Lights First

Having a faulty strand of lights not only means you have some lights on the string that won’t be lit, but it can also be an electrical hazard. It is important that you inspect each and every strand before hanging them. Look for damage on the rubber coating and don’t use any strands where there is excessive damage, fraying, or where the wire underneath the coating is visible. Also check that all the bulbs are present. Plug in the lights before hanging them to see if any of the bulbs are not lit. These might need to be replaced. If any of the strands were in water, such as if they were in a box on the floor of the building basement and you had a water leak, do not use them. This is another dangerous safety hazard.

Don’t Use Any Faulty Outlets

If you have an outlet outside your building that looks worn or burned, do not use it. Call an electrician first to have it inspected. Outdoor outlets should not spark or look burned on the outside. This is often a sign of old and faulty wiring. If the outlet is warm to the touch, also do not use it. It should always feel cold. If after plugging in your string of lights to one of the exterior outlets the lights start to dim, that is another sign of an electrical issue and requires an inspection from a professional.

Use Outdoor Lights and Cords Only

When you are decorating outside your office building for the holidays, make sure all strings of lights and lighting fixtures are meant for outdoor use. These have special cords and bulbs that can withstand different weather conditions, like heavy winds, rain, and snow. These are protected from these conditions, so they will not be a hazard. The same goes for any extension cords you decide to use. Indoor extension cords don’t have the same features as outdoor ones, so don’t think they are interchangeable.

Remember to turn the lights off each night when you leave the office. You can also get lights with a timer to turn off automatically.

For more tips, information, or any other assistance, contact local commercial electrical contractors