Due to increase in urbanization, the need for commercial buildings has greatly increased and is likely to continue doing so in the coming years. Towns are developing into cities, cities into metropolises, and so on. Nowadays, the construction business has become really lucrative with so many interested parties venturing into it. If you also plan to join the pack someday, below are some modern trends you could catch up on.  

Domestic Input

Why travel so many miles searching for something that you can get just around the block? Commercial building contractors are now sourcing for factors of production locally. Not just raw materials, but labour and capital, as well. This can also be said to be a move towards ‘going green’. Because materials are now transported over shorter distances, the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere by vehicles has reduced. In addition, hiring local specialists like engineers is also more affordable for builders than importing the services of foreign ones.

Zero Building

Constructing net zero buildings has now become a reality. What happens is that a building is made in such a way that it produces enough renewable energy to sustain its own energy consumption. The aim is to reduce, if not eliminate, the consumption of non-renewable energy. Contractors are coming up with new and different zero building designs to set them apart from their competitors. They are looking to generate energy on site, purchase carbon offsets, and decrease energy loads, and so on. Therefore, if you are planning to be a builder, start researching on net zero energy consumption as soon as possible.

Improved HVAC Systems

Did you know that a normal HVAC system can consume 40- 60 % of a building’s energy? The heating and air conditioning have now become an emerging issue whereby contractors are struggling to come up with more efficient and effective systems. One of the few solutions they are coming up with is centralized air conditioning, whereby the entire building’s temperature is controlled from one point so as to reduce energy levels. In addition, builders also aim to increase the insulation of upcoming buildings by emphasizing on tight sealing to prevent infiltration of air.

Increased Building Transparency

Just take a look at some of the new buildings out there. They consist of more glass than stone. Commercial builders are now aiming to increase the day lighting of the building’s interior, which involves strategic positioning of windows to allow more natural light into the building. In addition, commercial builders are also practising selective demolition, where new openings are made on certain parts of already existing buildings to let in more sunlight. This has helped reduce electrical lighting costs significantly.