Fixing glass piping can sometimes be quite difficult without the right knowledge. However, with clear direction, it can be a bit easier. Below is an article highlighting a few tips on how you can repair your home glass pipes.

Use Quicksteel

Usually, the first thought that creeps into our mind when we hear a shatter or crack is glue. Unfortunately, it cannot be a solution for repairing glass pipes. Quicksteel is a grey-black chemical substance that has the texture of clay. It is the best putty for repairing home glass. Unlike your ordinary glue, this compound is specifically designed to easily bond with glass. In addition, it is able to withstand very high temperatures. Therefore, you may want to use this for repairing your broken glass heating system pipes. Also, this putty is mostly suitable for thick and high-quality glasses. Therefore, avoid applying it on thin tubes.

Use Heat Fusion Method

The best way to fuse your pipes is by melting them together. However, this method is suitable for medium to thin glasses, since they require less heat. You may want to use it for glass pipes that have broken into big pieces that can simply be conjoined to form the original shape of the pipe. All you need to have is a Bunsen burner and protective wear. Simply heat the ends of the pieces you want to join with a blue flame as you squeeze them together. After they are well joined, let them cool for a while and then test them with running water. If you find any holes, simply melt some extra glass on top, and your pipe should be ready for use.

Use Sodium Silicate

This is a chemical compound made up of sodium and silicon compounds commonly known as liquid or water glass. The substance can either be a solid or a solution. As a solid, it is used like cement for sealing pipe holes. In addition, it contains adhesive properties that allow it to stick to the glass. Moreover, this compound is fire proof and can be used under extremely high temperatures. Therefore, you can also use this for mending your glass boiling system pipes. Lastly, sodium silicate is known to be very long lasting and can act as a permanent tube repair solution.

Attend to Breakage Signs

Don’t wait for your glass pipe to shatter. You need to mend scratches and cracks on your pipes regularly. For example, you can apply nail polish on thin cracks or scratches. The polish is adhesive and will help prevent any further increase of the crack. Moreover, it is easier to acquire than the other chemicals above.

If you find the task overwhelming, consider contacting a professional glass repair service to take a look.