It is easier said than done to incorporate some of the minimal interiors trend into your kitchen. Because the kitchen is a functional room where you need to store many items such as appliances, food and cleaning products, and also because it’s a room where you have to cook, creating clean spaces and lines can be a huge challenge. And it’s for this same reason that people are attracted to minimalism in the kitchen—they want design that creates a sense of order and calm among the chaos.

Working with kitchen designers is a great way of being able to make the most of your kitchen space and integrate minimalist design. Here are a few design tips and tricks for a minimalist kitchen that is still functional.

Spotlights are the best lighting. A minimalist space is not just about getting rid of all your junk—it’s about creating clean lines. If you have pendant lights dangling from the ceiling and lights coming out of the walls, the lines are going to be broken and that minimalist feel will be thrown off. Spotlights are a very good idea because they can be integrated into the ceiling and still offer plenty of light. Another way of integrating light into a surface is by having a backlit splashback.

Having a place for everything is essential. When designing a kitchen, the most amount of planning has to go into your storage solutions. First of all, take stock of everything that you have in your kitchen and then map those items into a storage plan. For the minimalist look, try to make sure that everything is put away in a cabinet or on a shelf. It’s true that many people hook things onto the outsides of cabinets and even fridges to make the most of their kitchen space, but this is not minimalist because it interrupts the lines of the kitchen.

Glass is a great material. Material choices matter in a kitchen more than in any other room because you have to make sure you protect things like cabinets and counters from heat, moisture and staining. For this reason, glass is a great choice, and it’s also perfect for a minimal look. With glass cabinets, glass countertops and a glass splashback, you will create a perfectly serene and minimal space. You can also play with frosted or transparent glass as well as different tints of glass.

Enjoy your time in your new, minimalist kitchen. If you need more help, contact a kitchen designer in your area.