Australia is a generally warm place, but when the cold months do roll by, one finds it necessary to get a way of heating up their abode so as to remain comfortable. If you are in need of a better heating system, consider the following information. There are many types of heating systems that are available on the market, but the gas ducted heating system stands head and shoulders above many of the rest due to its numerous advantages.

Prompt heating system

Whereas many of the other types of heating systems would require a few moments to get into gear, the gas ducted heating system provides its heat instantaneously. The moment that the system is activated, the gas burners are ignited to heat the exchanger which warms the air. This air is then distributed to the various rooms through the connected vents, thus supplying the required warmth there and then.


Now that the warmth has reached the room the occupant is in, one is positively surprised to find that the warm air is a bit moist and therefore does not irritate sensitive membranes like those found in the eyes, the throat as well as the skin.

This aspect of the heat produced by the gas ducted heating system also appeals to asthmatics since the moist warm air does not readily carry minute allergens that can trigger an asthma attack in the occupant of the room.

Cost efficiency

Gas ducted heating systems are renowned for their ability in helping the home owner cut energy costs. This is because the system does not run on electricity which is quite costly. The gas, on the other hand, is comparatively cheaper than electricity and this enables the home owner to save on electricity bills.

The heating system only kicks in when the ambient temperature drops below the temperature that was preset by the owner. This ensures that the system is only operational when it is absolutely needed. The fact that the system is customisable is a big plus. The home owner can set it to heat up only the areas which are occupied by people. This feature ensures that gas is not wasted in warming up unoccupied rooms, thus cutting costs in the long run.

The cost efficiency of the system is also evident in the fact that the outside temperature does not affect the heating system. Whereas other systems like the reversed cycle type try to compensate for the falling temperatures by consuming more electrical energy to maintain or increase their heat output, the gas ducted system does not need to do this because its operation is independent of outside temperature conditions.

Greener system

The gas ducted heating system is considered to leave less of a carbon footprint on the environment compared to systems that draw their energy from electricity or burning wood. According to the Australian Gas Association, heating that derives its energy from coal-generated electricity has an impact on the environment that is thrice that of gas heating systems.

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