Plumbing is one area in a home that requires attention now and then. Plumbing emergencies can spring up on a homeowner anytime and often require immediate attention. There are, however, some plumbing emergencies that homeowners call upon themselves that develop slowly with time. These emergencies are those that result from some practices within the home that directly affect plumbing. The following are common household mistakes in several homes across the globe that often results in the homeowner calling emergency plumbers.

Joining dissimilar metals or using wrong connectors

Many people like to take on plumbing as DIY projects. The mistake, however, occurs when joining pipes; they concentrate more on the size and fitting than material similarity. Many homeowners will join a lead pipe with iron pipes, steel, or even plastic, depending on what is the right size and is readily available to them.  For a start, this poses a threat from dielectric corrosion. This is when different metals begin corroding each other when exposed to environmental factors due to their differences in particulate properties. Dielectric corrosion often results in the blockage, breakage or simply cracking of such joints. With time, this DIYer will require emergency plumbers at his or her house.

Washing construction materials in sinks

This is a very common mistake with many homes. After that accomplished feeling from the DIY job, you took the cans and equipment you used for your project and washed off the paint, cement, or joint compound from your tools. It is a commonly overlooked action. These materials, however, can end up drying within the plumbing and cause it to back up. Many emergency plumbers attest to being called because of backed up pipes only to find cement, soil from small projects and other construction compounds to be the main problem. These DIYers were certainly asking for emergency plumbing. Always wash your tools with water in locations other than sinks directly connected to your plumbing.

Weight on fixtures

Do you know how many homes have soap racks hanging from shower faucets? Or how many people use the bathtub spout as footrests? Faucets and other plumbing components are not meant to carry much, if any, weight. Homes that subject these areas to constant weight, irrespective of how little, are simply ruining the joints in the faucets. With time, calling emergency plumbers to these homes is inevitable.

Incorrectly using the garbage dipsosal

Despite extensive discussions in many settings, people still dispose of almost everything in their garbage disposal. Maybe the name “garbage disposal” wrongly leads many to assume the machine can handle everything. Emergency plumbers will advise you not to dispose a myriad of garbage into these machines. Surprisingly, potato peels, watermelon rinds, and even pumpkin carvings are some of the garbage not suitable for the garbage disposal. They easily block the blades and have to be physically removed by emergency plumbers.

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