If you have a fleet of vehicles for your business, consider tinting their windscreens and windows. Window tinting can benefit you, your employees and your vehicles. Here are the top six ways how:

1. Tinted windows reduce risk of skin cancer.

By preventing UV rays from reaching inside the vehicle, window tinting helps to reduce the driver’s risk of contracting skin cancer. Unfortunately, skin cancer is the third most common form of cancer in Australia, but by tinting the windows of your fleet, you help protect your employees.

If they spend all or even a significant portion of their day driving, tinting may be a lifesaver.

2. Tinted windows may protect your liability.

By tinting the windows of your fleet vehicles, you are ostensibly making your workplace safer. Ultimately, that helps to protect your financial interests. By reducing the chances that your employees will get skin cancer, you also reduce the risk that they could try to hold you liable for their injuries.

3. Tinted windows make driving safer.

Additionally, tinted windows make driving safer. Your drivers are less likely to encounter glare or sun blindness and thus less likely to crash. That protects your drivers, but it also helps to protect your company.

By having safe drivers on the road, you protect your brand image. Additionally, by reducing crashes, you help to keep your insurance rates relatively low.

4. Tinted window protect windscreens from shattering.

In addition to stopping glare, the film that is applied when you tint a window can help to prevent it from shattering in an accident. It essentially holds the window intact instead of allowing it to shatter.

5. Tinted windows protect upholstery.

As they block the UV light, tinted windows also help to protect the upholstery of your vehicles. If you ever have clients riding around in your cars, you need them to look especially nice, and upholstery that has faded, cracked or blistered in sunlight doesn’t create the positive image that you need.

6. Tinted windows can deter theft.

In the evening, whether your fleet of vehicles is parked in your carpark or in front of the homes of your employees, you want them to be safe. If your vehicles have tinted window, thieves or vandals cannot see easily inside of them, and that can act as a deterrent to theft.

Namely, if the thieves cannot see the valuables in the car, it removes the element of temptation, and they may be more likely to move on to another car.

If you’re ready to take advantage of these benefits, contact a local window tinting company.