Your roof doesn’t always need to cave in or blow right off for it to be in need of serious repair or even replacement. Very often the asphalt shingle and tiles will start to wear away or come loose long before they come right off, and there are also other telltale signs that your roof is getting old and worn and needs replacing.

If you’re alert to these signs, you can have your roof repaired or replaced long before it does cave in or blow away, or at the very least, have it inspected for needed repairs. Note a few of these signs to keep your eyes open for if you’re a homeowner.

1. Shingles that don’t stay flat

Stand across the street and look at your home’s roof and note if the shingles seem to create hills, trenches, or any type of an accordion look. If so, they are probably starting to come loose and need replacing or repairing. Shingles should all be flat against the roof, but as they start to dry up or buckle with age, they may pull back toward their nails and, in turn, edges may pull away from the roof. This can allow water to seep in under these tiles and cause damage.

2. Discolored shingles

When shingles get damaged due to age or sun exposure, they may tend to change colors. The pigments added to the asphalt of the tiles can also begin to fade over time. When this happens, it’s a sign that the roof is getting old and, in turn, may need new shingles. Even if you can’t necessarily see damage to the shingles, this change in their color can mean that they’re now dry and brittle and may start to crumble and flake away sooner rather than later.

3. Lack of insulation

Your roof is part of your home’s insulation, and when it gets old or there are holes, you may notice drafts during wintertime and heat being let in during the summertime. If you’ve checked for leaks around windows and doors and know that your home’s fiberglass or blown foam insulation is in good repair, chances are the roof is the culprit. There may be shingles missing that you cannot easily see from the street or the shingles may have gotten thin and brittle with age. It’s good to have your roof inspected to note the condition of the tiles and if they need replacing or if there are holes in the roof under the shingles that need addressing.

If you notice any of these signs, contact professional roof repair contractors, like those at A & A Contractors Pty Ltd, and they can come inspect your roof and make any repairs or replacements needed.