The pallet is an expedient structure in shipment of goods. It is designed as a containment unit to keep shipments stable, and it allows easy lifting with machinery like pallet jacks, forklifts and front loaders. There are different types of pallets to suit diverse needs in transportation of loads. The common forms include plastic, wood and metal pallets. If you are planning on shipping your goods using pallets, it is important to learn how to package them properly. This will preserve the integrity of the goods and ensure safety for the workers handling the freight. Here are some simple guidelines for effective pallet packaging.

Choose High-Quality Pallets

The quality of pallets which you will purchase for transportation will determine the integrity of pertinent shipments. It is important to ensure that they are strong enough to protect your goods. Moreover, they should be able to withstand mechanical impact since the conditions on the road can be rough. Plastic and metal pallets should be made from strong materials. Wooden pallets should not have broken boards and protruding nails. They should be well-constructed, without irregular pieces of timber. In addition, the size should be able to accommodate the potential load properly. It is advisable to estimate the dimensions of your shipment before making your pallet order for the best results.

Secure the Pallet

It is crucial to secure the pallet to keep the structure stable and the goods secure. There are different techniques which are ideal for use when securing a pallet. The choice will depend on factors such as the size of freight and the mode of transportation. If you are uncertain about the best choice, you can ask for assistance from your carrier or pallet supplier. You can choose to fasten and reinforce the pallets with straps. These are made from materials such as nylon, polyester and steel, so they will not break during transportation. You can also use stretch wrap which is a plastic film that stretches around the pallet as the original elasticity is recovered. Additionally, there is a variant known as shrink wrap which binds the goods tightly when exposed to heat.

Stack the Pallets

If you are transporting multiple pallets, you should stack them as a single unit for easy transportation. However, you should note that poor stacking can lead to hazards and make handling more difficult. Stack same-sized pallets together or the heavier ones at the bottom of the pile and shrink or stretch-wrap them for maximum effectiveness. However, you should never make a towering pile to avoid accidents.