A residential demolition means disconnecting all the utilities and then tearing down the entire house, right down to the foundation. A deconstruction is a gut job; utilities are temporarily shut off and the home’s inner walls and flooring are pulled up, leaving the frame and certain other parts of the home behind. This is different than a renovation, which usually addresses just one or two parts of a home itself.

When you’ve decided that you want to stay on your lot but your home needs more than just a facelift inside or outside, you may need to choose between these two options. Note a few reasons why demolition can be the better choice than just a gut job or deconstruction. 

1. Speed

When you deconstruct a house, you need to determine which parts of the frame and inner studs or floorboards you will want to keep. In addition to this planning phase, deconstruction work needs to be more careful so that studs and beams are not damaged. 

However, with a demolition, a crew may take time to remove salvageable materials but other than that, the home is simply torn down from the outside. Deconstruction typically starts from the inside with crews tearing down walls by hand, but demolition is usually done with a crane. This job can usually be done in a day or a few short days at the most. If you’re in a hurry to get your new home built, then demolition can be the right choice.

2. Cost

Because demolition is so much less precise and so much quicker, it’s usually less costly than a deconstruction project. In many cases it can be half the cost of deconstruction, which in turn frees up the funds you need to reconstruct your home.

3. Flexibility

When you demolish a home, you can begin new construction from the ground up, adjusting the home’s size and putting new load-bearing walls where you please. When you deconstruct a home, you are either stuck with the home’s existing footprint or you will need to take the time and spend the money to move load-bearing walls and adjust its overall frame. For the most flexibility when it comes to your new home design, demolition is the better option.

Be sure to talk to your contractor about what you want from your new home and compare the price of deconstruction versus demolition, and the schedule as well. This can help you to determine if demolition is the right choice for your home plans.