When you bought your home, you may have bought it with an asphalt driveway already in place. Overtime you may have grown tired of looking at the same black top driveway or you may have experienced problems with the asphalt. With this in mind, you have likely already looked at other options like concrete. There are actually several asphalt driveway upgrades you should consider that can give you a new viewpoint of your driveway and keep it from having issues over time.

Ribbon Driveway Design

If you are looking for a simple way to showcase the driveway and give it more of a professional appearance, then consider a ribbon design. This would take your existing asphalt driveway and frame it on either side with concrete. For an added feature, you could have the concrete stamped with designs like cobblestone or a pattern of your choice. This will give a professional appearance and help with any washout problems you may be having.

Landscaped Borders

You may want to take the idea of bordering your asphalt driveway a step further by adding landscaped borders. These borders can be very simple and contain a simple mulch, brick or stone outline and landscaping lights that run the length of the driveway from the road to the home. These types of landscaped borders add a special touch and look like more time has been put in on your landscaping design than actually has. Depending on how you design these landscaped areas, you may be able to have very little upkeep throughout the year.

Stamping and Graphic Design

One of the other ways that your asphalt driveway can take on a new look is through stamping and graphic design. You can have a contractor develop stamping patterns that appear to be stone or other designs created from the asphalt itself. One of the other steps is to use graphic design options to give the asphalt a faux finish and look. For example, you can use a graphic design technique to make your asphalt driveway look like slate stone or the side borders look like wood planks or brick.

These are just a few of the ideas you can incorporate to upgrade your asphalt driveway. You can also use some of these ideas to cover up issues or prevent ongoing issues from showing, like washout and unfinished borders. Contact your asphalt contractor for price estimates and options. They can also help you with asphalt repair issues and ways to use upgrades to prevent the same repair issue in the future.