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Using A Surveyor To Help Sell Your Property

In property matters, many countries around the world leave it to the buyer of a property to undertake a land survey, usually by hiring a company to carry one out on their behalf. The underpinning notion of ‘buyer beware’ means that spending a little more money on a survey far outweighs the risk of purchasing a defective property.

It is, of course, still an option for the seller to undertake a survey; in fact, doing this may allow you to sell your property quicker than similar properties:

Allows The Seller To Be Open And Honest

Most people know that surveyors have to study for many years to be able to take up their positions. Having them look over and produce documentation about the property is a great way for the seller to be open and honest when selling the property. Unfortunately, some people try to sell their houses knowing that there are some defects, such as hidden mold behind bathroom tiles or damage in hard to see areas.

Handing the potential buyer a survey from a qualified surveyor will put you in an honest light, and will act to ease any fears that the buyer may have about these types of things.

Can Redefine The Boundaries

It is surprising how many property owners are living in their property with a wrongly marked boundary. When a fence is put up between two properties, and the owners of these properties change, most new owners will simply accept that their property ends at the fence. Many people, to their surprise, discover that after hiring a surveyor (who will carefully study maps and public records regarding the boundaries), they have been living with incorrectly marked boundaries. A seller can clarify the legal boundaries if they use a surveyor before selling their home. This is an attractive feature for the buyer.

Can Pinpoint Problems For Seller

When a seller hires a surveyor to undertake a survey of the property, they will get a report back; this report contains any immediate or near future defects noted by the surveyor. Presented with this information, the seller can then use it to carry out improvements, repairs or alterations to these areas so that the property is in perfect condition before buyers come to view it. Although many people believe that they can get a property to a level that is good for selling, they don’t have the expertise to actually do this. A surveyor, on the other hand, does.

 If you can show a surveyor’s report to back up what you say when showing potential buyers around your property, you are more likely to come across as truthful and trustworthy. Contact a company such as John C Bested & Associates Pty Ltd to learn more.

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How to Prepare Your Electrical Systems for the Winter Season

During the summer is the best time to winterise your home for the upcoming winter season. The reason for that is that prices are generally cheaper during summer. Because of the high cost associated with heating costs during the winter as a result of extremely cold temperatures, you might want to perform several winter related electrical maintenance jobs.

By doing this, you will make sure that all your functions will work correctly during the winter, avoiding higher heating bills during those months. Here are some of the most important tips for electrical repairs and electrical maintenance:

Electric Heaters

Before winter returns this year, perhaps it might be a good idea to check if your electric heaters are fully operational. You will need them to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof, or to prevent your pipes from freezing. It’s crucial that these heaters are in good working condition so you won’t have to experience outages for the cold winter months. If you end up with a broken heater during the winter, you will have to wait for the ice on the roof to melt before you can repair the heater, which can be quite a troublesome task.

The Exterior of Your House

You also want to perform an evaluation of the house’s exterior. Make sure to check that all wires attached to utility poles are safely and correctly secured in place. During blizzards these wires can fall down and cause electrical disasters if not secured properly. You should also check if it is possible for any tree branches to fall down in case of snow storms and harm the wires. Finally, check any exterior switches and outlets and make sure they are in working condition.

Boiler Cleaning

It is suggested that you perform annual cleanings to the boiler system, if you have one. Not only is this a preventative measure of preventing electrical hazards, but it can also help you save money on electricity bills, as the boiler will work more efficiently upon being cleaned.

Infrared scans

Before completely breaking down, any electrical equipment will heat up dramatically. Unfortunately, whenever you notice that the equipment has overheated, it will already be too late to save it. In order to avoid this from happening, make sure to complete annual infrared scans of any electrical devices in order to find any problems before the cold season. This includes equipment such as chillers, boilers, and electrical switch gears.

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