Although traditional stick frame homes may seem convenient and cheap, they are far from being sustainable. Steel frames, on the other hand, may be beautiful but they also cost a pretty penny. If you were looking for an ecological design that boasts both durability as well as efficiency, then timber wall frames would be the most logical addition to your home. These frames are constructed using large beams and attached with wood pegs, thus eliminating the need for any metal fasteners or nails. In addition, they are strong and quite aesthetically appealing. Here are some reasons why timber wall frames would be beneficial to your home.

Pocket friendly

When constructing a new home, your main concern would be your budget. Timber wall frames are much more pocket friendly than their steel frame counterparts are. When being manufactured, only the necessary beams and posts are produced, thus eliminating any waste that may come from excess wood. In addition, the size of these frames makes it quite cumbersome to transport cross-country. Which means homeowners have to make use of the local resources, which enhances your local economy. Steel frames, on the other hand, tend to be imported, which is quite costly for both the home builder as well as the local economy that misses on that investment.

They are durable

Timber wall frames make use of large pots, making them have a longer lifespan than conventional stick frames. As time goes on, their wood dries further and hardens, making them sturdier. This durability spills over to their resistance to natural disasters. Most timber wall frames can endure heavy winds, inches of snow as well as minor earthquakes without you having to worry about replacing the beams. All this contributes to their lifespan that spans into hundreds of years.

Environmentally friendly

If you were looking to reduce your carbon footprint, timber wall frames would be your best bet. For one, they are energy efficient. Once constructed, they have a greater allowance of interrupted space between their vertical members. This gives you more allowance for insulation ensuring that your home does not lose heat. In addition, the production process for these wall frames is much more energy efficient than the production of steel frames. Therefore, you can rest assured that the construction of your home is eco-friendly.

Lastly, timber wall frames are easier to indulge your creative side with. Your contractors can play with different embellishments and experiment with various designs depending on your artistic vision for you home. This is much harder to do with steel frames without your budget increasing exponentially.

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