In the construction industry, workers need a platform where they can work with their materials even in high buildings. That’s where scaffolding comes in. These structures enable the constructors to do just that and currently their designs are in plenty. If you are a construction worker just starting to get your feet wet in this industry, or you’re intending on designing a scaffolding, then you need to know about scaffolding. Here are some of the major types of scaffolding.

Supported scaffolding

This is the most common scaffolding type and it’s what you’ll see in most construction projects. It’s mainly used where there is need for elevation. If the workers crew is large and it’s going to take a lot of weight, ensure you add some extra support at the base.

Its construction is usually started from the base upwards. This is one of the most convenient and cost effective ways of designing a scaffolding, that’s why it’s so common.

Suspended scaffolding

This form of scaffolding is used when there is need to access higher levels or storeys in a building or when constructing a base is not possible. The structure is normally suspended from the roof. It would be very impractical to build a scaffolding from the ground levels to the higher storeys of the building.  

This kind of scaffolding is applicable when workers need to clean windows on high storey buildings or make repairs to the exterior of the upper floors.

Rolling scaffolding

This is almost similar to the supported scaffolding, the only difference being its ability to move. Rolling scaffolding doesn’t offer a rigid base rather, it’s got castor style wheels that enable it to move around. This is a type of mobile scaffolding and before using them, you need to ensure you remain safe. Their ease of motion makes them much more dangerous than the static scaffolding that don’t move. Lock the wheels whenever workers or materials are on it to keep it safe.

This type of scaffolding is normally used when you need to complete work over a longer distance. It is also mainly used when the construction is happening on two separate sites. This is because mobile scaffolding are made to be easily disintegrated and then reassembled elsewhere.

Aerial lifts

These structures are able to move between separate storeys and carry materials and workers to and from these levels. Aerial lifts are mainly used where the workers need to simultaneously work on different levels so as to complete a construction project.

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