Installation of new windows is not always an easy decision especially when the cumulative cost is evaluated. There is no designated time to choose new treatments but there are some warning signs that your old features are no longer effective. If you have trouble closing and opening the window or you notice draughts and moisture around the windows, you should consider buying new ones. Poor acoustic and thermal performance as well as rotting frames also shows the need for replacements. Here are the main factors to consider when purchasing new windows.

Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency through quality window treatments is beneficial to the environment through resource preservation and to the homeowner by lowering electricity bills. Single-pane glass windows have very poor insulation capabilities and they allow high heat transfer across which results in high heating and cooling energy demands during cold and hot seasons respectively. Choose double or triple pane glasses since they contain air between the panels consequently improving thermal efficiency. It is also important to note that good glazing will improve acoustic performance which limits sound transmission in and out of your home.


When installing replacement windows, you should consider improving the state of security in your home. Most new products are tested for their resilience after impact so inquire about the sturdiness of a window before purchasing. There are also different locking mechanisms installed to further restrict unauthorized access.

Appeal and Home Value

There is a wide variety of stylish window products that are aimed at increasing the general aesthetics of the home. The curb appeal can be enhanced through selection of windows that complement the exterior of the house. There are also attractive trim styles that can match with interior d├ęcor in both contemporary and traditional homes. Make certain that you have considered and compared different products to create a distinctive blend. Depending on the quality of the installed window, the value of the home can increase with this home improvement project.


The maintenance needs for your new windows should be minimal to avoid deterioration due to neglect. For instance, if you have no time or inclination to paint, you can choose vinyl frames which require no special treatment. Fiberglass is also stable and typically retains the original factory coat of paint. The hardware metal features in the window can be a liability through corrosion so choose die-cast zinc or stainless steel. These materials are extremely resilient and are not susceptible to rust or fading due to exposure to moisture or heat.

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