Cutting concrete can seem like a monumental task whether you are cutting through huge blocks or small slabs. However, having the right type of concrete cutting blades can help you save the amount of effort needed to do the work. There are different types of blades which are categorised by the material that is used to make them.

Abrasive Corundum Blades

This is an inexpensive blade that can help you carry out shallow concrete cutting tasks. You should choose these blades when you do not have a major project to work on since they are not as fast as the diamond blades. They are, however, the best choice if cost is a major consideration for you.

Diamond Blades

When most people hear of diamond, they imagine that the concrete cutting blades made from this mineral are expensive. They are half right. However, while the diamond blades may cost more to purchase, you will find that they are cheaper in the long run. For instance, you will find that these types of blades offer the best professional cut. Thus the cost will be a small price to pay for you to ensure you get quality work.

The diamond blades consist of four main components:

  • The first is the metal disk that has a segmented edge. This is where the diamonds are emblazoned.
  • The second component is the layer of diamond crystals that do the actual concrete cutting.
  • The third component is the metal bond that forms the base where the diamonds are attached to the blade.
  • The fourth component is the weld that bonds the cutting edges of the diamonds to the core.

When you are making your choice on the diamond concrete cutting blades to buy, you should know that they also fall into two subcategories.

Dry-Cutting Blades

These diamond blades have serrations on the edge so as to enable them to cool down and remove the waste. The cooling down aspect is important since when you are cutting through large blocks of concrete, the blade runs a risk of overheating. The only drawback with these blades is that they generate a lot of fine dust. Thus, you should cover up the adjacent area so as to minimise the spread.

Wet-Cutting Blades

The second category of diamond concrete cutting blades that are cooled by water. The water also helps in providing lubrication as well as ensuring there is no dust from the concrete cutting process. If you are looking for blades that will do the job fastest, this should be your tool of choice.

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