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Choosing The Right Type Of Glass For DIY Projects

Many DIY projects will include, at some point, the use of glass as a part of the process. Glass  used to make doors, widows or skylights and window roofs can all need, at differing times, to be repaired or upgraded.  There are many kinds of glass available to the DIY enthusiast, including glass for privacy and glass which has been designed with safety in mind. This article examines the different types of glass available, how they are made and in which situations they may be of use.

Toughened Glass

Also called safety glass, when this glass is broken, it breaks into small block-like pieces, which are not as sharp as fragments of broken glass. The glass is heated and then quickly cooled to allow this effect to take place. Toughened glass ideal for DIY projects which include internal jobs, such as shower door replacements or for areas where people congregate and play, such as next to the outdoor pool.

Wire Glass

This type of glass is made with an internal wire mesh. This not only serves to stabilise and strengthen the glass in situations where the glass is broken, the mesh can help to secure and hold the glass together. This type of glass is popularly used for roofing projects, such as replacing or installing skylights.

Self Cleaning Glass

This glass is becoming more popular with the individual property owner; it once was mostly used only by larger businesses. Self cleaning glass works in two complimenting ways: a special coating which is placed on the surface by the manufacturer reacts with the rays of the sun to loosen and break off dirt, and as it rains, the design of the glass allows the dirt to be removed with the rain. This type of glass is becoming less and less expensive and can be a great improvement to a property when installed as a DIY renovation.

Privacy Glass

This glass is a great idea for using on internal doors, or outbuilding doors and windows. Also known as patterned glass, a design is added to one of the sides of the glass during manufacture. This creates a non transparent sheet of glass and is ideal for adding privacy to a room, area or building.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is also available. Two panels of glass are adhered to either side of a laminate middle section, and in the event of any cracks or breakages, the laminate binds the glass instead of allowing it to fall away. This is great for replacing indoor glass during a DIY project.

For more information, contact a business such as Westview Glass & Aluminium.

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Exterior Glazing: How Acoustic Glass Works And Why It’s Beneficial In The Workplace

Are you looking at your commercial glazing options, but aren’t sure if acoustic glass is worth the investment? For commercial buildings opting for a calming atmosphere, exterior acoustic glass is a becoming the norm, and with good reason. The advantages outweigh the cost, continue reading to see they help improve the overall output of an office workforce. 

How It Works

The primary function of acoustic glass is to cut out excess noise, and more importantly noise that can do damage to the human ear. Noise is measured in units that are called decibels, and the preferable level for day time is 35 decibels, whereas at night it is a little lower at 30 decibels.

The sound reduction process works via an interlayer that is located between a double glazed unit. This interlayer stops sound frequencies vibrating from one pane of the glass unit to the other. In effect it acts as a sound and therefore energy absorption unit, and that is why the sound becomes weaker as it goes through the glass. What could be a scream from one side of the glass might be heard as no louder than a whisper on the other. Additionally, noise pollution using double glazed window units can be weakened by increasing the thickness of the glass, and the increasing distance between the two glass planes.

Furthermore, this interlayer has security and safety features – for example, increased resistance to cracking, and added structural support for each window unit.

Commercial Benefits Of Acoustic Windows

In the workplace any sources of loud noise must be eliminated so that the workforce does not get distracted. Furthermore, loud noise can lead to increased stress levels, which in turn can reduce the efficiency with which tasks are performed.

Acoustic windows can potentially insulate a building from even the most distracting of environments on the other side of the glass. For instance, if the commercial building is located next to an airport then the load roar of the airplanes taking off every couple of minutes can make it impossible for concentration levels to be at optimal levels. However, with acoustic windows even those load roars can be reduced non-significant decibel levels

In addition, acoustic windows can be combined with other window properties for some additional benefits such as: a decorative glass, thermal insulation and solar control. 

If you’re wondering how to combine your resources, contact glass companies near you. 

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Building A New Home? Tips To Save Money

Building a new home can be extremely expensive, but there are many ways that new home builders can save money and still end up with their dream homes. For instance, many people think they need to use the most expensive building materials, when there are other materials that are just as good and cost a lot less. Here are some ways that you as a new home builder can save money without having to cut any corners and end up unhappy with the final results.

Watch The Square Footage

Obviously, the larger the home you are building, the more it is going to cost. It is a good idea for you to draw out a rough sketch of the floor plan you want, with measurements. Then, sketch in the items that will be in each room and add their measurements. You will likely find that you don’t need as much floor space as you initially thought, and you can save thousands of dollars by having the home builders create a smaller home.

Opt For A Two-Storey Home

Believe it or not, it is less expensive to build a two-storey home instead of a single storey. For example, a 2,000 square foot single-storey dwelling and a two-story dwelling with 1,000 square feet on each level are essentially the same size. But, with the two-storey home, the foundation won’t need to be as large. By building a two-story home rather than a single-storey one, you could save thousands.

Look Into Rebates

You can often get government rebates when you are installing Energy Star appliances, HVAC systems, etc. Or, you may qualify for other types of rebates or credits. The more you qualify for, the more money you save that can be used towards the construction of your new home.

Add A Drive-Under Garage

If you are planning on having a garage, instead of having one that is attached to the home, you may want to think about having a drive-under garage. Basically, part of the basement is used, and there is a ramp that you can drive down. Believe it or not, even though this involves a lot of digging and cement work, it is still often much less expensive than building a separate or attached garage.

Pitch In And Do Some Work

There are likely many little jobs that you can do to assist the home builders. If you have any carpentry or building experience, you can do a lot of work yourself. The more work you do, the less you are going to have to pay the home builders.

For more tips, contact a company like Southern Additions Pty Ltd.

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Why You Should Insist On Green Carpet Cleaning Methods

You can have organic or non-organic methods used when the carpets in your newly constructed home are cleaned after installation. Each method has its pros and cons. This article discusses the reasons why choosing organic carpet cleaning would be good for you.

Less Water Used

Organic or dry carpet cleaning methods (such as steam cleaning methods) use very little water in the cleaning process. This turns out to be an advantage to you because your water bill will not be much higher after the cleaning exercise since green carpet cleaning methods (such as steam cleaning) use very little water. The environment will also benefit since there will be less wastewater dumped in the sewer system or storm water drainage. Thus, the surrounding environment will suffer less contamination.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

When your home has just been constructed, there may be high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the carpets from the paint or other building materials like the treated wood. The VOCs get into the carpet because carpet fibers absorb the fumes in the air. Once green cleaning methods are used, these VOCs are removed, leaving cleaner indoor air for you and your family. For instance, activated charcoal is a green way to remove odors from newly painted buildings so that occupants find no offensive or inconveniencing smells in the building.

Minimal Disruption Of Privacy

The use of non-organic carpet cleaning methods compels the cleaning company to keep windows and doors open as they work so that fumes from the cleaning chemicals can escape from the building. This may make you feel uncomfortable since you may prefer to keep your windows and doors closed at all times so that your privacy is protected. When the windows are kept open for long your discomfort increases. Green cleaning methods (like steam cleaning) allow you to retain your privacy since the carpets can be cleaned while the doors and windows are closed. This is because there are no fumes that must escape while the carpets are being cleaned.

Time Efficiency

Non-organic carpet cleaning imposes serious inconveniences upon homeowners because they can’t use cleaned rooms for several hours, or even days. This is because a lot of water is used during the cleaning process, so plenty of time must be taken to allow the carpets to dry before one can walk on them. When organic methods are used, very little time is taken before rooms can be used again since the limited amount of water used requires a very short time to dry.

From the discussion above, it is clear that green carpet cleaning methods offer you (the homeowner) many advantages that you should not miss. When your house is completed, ask for this method of carpet cleaning and you will have no regrets.

For more information, contact a company such as Jet Carpet Cleaning and Services.

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Four Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Tree Stumps in Your Home

Once you’ve slashed down that imposing tree in your compound, you’re left behind with a stubborn tree stump that just won’t go away. Although you may be tempted to let the tree stump lay idle, it’s advisable not to for a number of reasons.

Stumps ruin your aesthetics of your compound

The most common reason for tree stump removal is the fact that they are unsightly to any garden or landscaped grounds. They stick out like a sore thumb, especially if they are located out in the open. If your tree stump has roots, these can span over a meter long and further enlarge the space taken up by the stump. Since it’s hard to personally get of rid of them, the best thing to do is call a tree stump removal service.

It’s a danger to free movement

If you have a tree stump in your home, chances are that you’re going to suffer accidents due to its presence. Stumps hinder free movement of vehicles and people. If you happen to have several stumps, they will segment your grounds and make is hard to move about freely. If there are any children around, stumps and their roots can cause falls and result in serious injuries. With vehicles, you may just experience a fender bender if you forget where the stump is while reversing.

Stumps can attract termites

Termites are attracted by idle timber located near dwelling areas. A tree stump not only provides ample food for these insects, it also provides a housing area as well. With time, these termites can migrate into your home and start eating up your house, even without you knowing. It’s therefore best to get rid of termites as soon as possible.

Your stump may start to sprout

If your compound provides adequate conditions for germination, your tree stump could start to sprout. Although this only happens with certain tree species, it is very much a possibility. The tree that you once cut down could re-grow into a shrub or a network of stems, thereby requiring you to cut them down all over again.

A tree stump removal service—such as Melbourne Tree Stump Removal Pty Ltd—provides the fastest way to get rid of your stumps. They can be quickly chipped away by a stump grinder or disintegrated through chemical methods. This will clear the grounds and pave way for you to continue with your gardening or construction of a new structure without any hindrances.

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