Security doors are important in preventing unauthorised access to your building. The difference between an ordinary door and a security door is that security doors incorporate various security devices into their design that make it almost impossible to break into a building without authorised access. Before installing a security door in your building, it is important to understand the different door enhancements available for installation. Discussed below are some of the door security devices:

Alarms – Alarms are usually designed to warn you in case of an unauthorised entry. The most common alarms are silent alarms that are triggered when the door is opened while the alarm is active. Silent alarms are preferred because authorities are notified of the unauthorised entry without alarming the intruder, increasing chances of the intruder getting arrested.

Door Chains – These are important because they allow the door to be slightly opened to view outside while the door remains locked.

Deadbolts – Having the right deadbolt installed in your door is an essential part of making the door burglar-proof. Deadbolts are designed to minimise chances of lock picking or bumping.

Door strike reinforcers – Reinforcers come in two types: strike plate reinforcers and frame reinforcers. Strike plate reinforcers are designed to prevent the strike plate from being ripped off of the door frame. Frame reinforcers, on the other hand, prevent delamination or splitting of the door frame.

Frame reinforcers are vertically installed metal strips on or behind the frame. When the metal strips are installed on the hinge side of the door, they are called Birmingham bars and on the strike plate they are referred to as London bars. Strike plate reinforcers firmly secure the deadbolt pocket directly to the wall instead of having it attached to the thin door frame.

Hinge screws – Security door hinge screws are longer and specialised to prevent ripping off of the door after removing the hinge pins. The hinge pin is usually screwed into the hinge from the inside while the door is open to prevent removal of the hinge pin without opening the door first.

Secondary internal locks – Security doors can have specialty latches, bars, sliding bolts and metal blocks mounted internally.

Door viewers – These are small fish-eye lenses designed to allow those inside a building to view outside without having to open the door.

Depending on your security needs, you can have all or a few of the above security features installed with your security door. For more information, contact a company like XL Screens & Awnings Pty Ltd.