Are you in the process of hiring a crane for your industrial operations, but you aren’t sure about the type of crane that you need? Hiring the right type of crane for your requirements is important for efficiency purposes. Furthermore, if you hire the wrong type of crane, then you might not be able to even complete your operations. Here is a list of 4 different crane types you should know before hiring one:

All-terrain Cranes

For a crane that has excellent qualities in the areas of maneuverability, mobility and lifting strength, the all-terrain crane is the logical choice. They come equipped with hydraulic suspension system that allows them to be transformed from road-worthy vehicles to on-site cranes in a short period of time.

Their maneuverability comes from the fact that they are all-wheel drive. Furthermore, the system used to balance the crane so that the base of operation is level uses advanced technology, making it perfect for various terrain types.

Low Headroom Cranes

For industrial lifting within buildings, the ideal type of cranes is the low headroom cranes. Industrial buildings, regardless of their large exterior can have low ceiling heights, because space is taken up by ductwork. 

The bridge design of low headroom cranes reduces the amount of space that’s need vertically for lifting.The crane is typically placed above the object that needs to be lifted. They are easy to operate, provide low noise levels and are low maintenance.

Crawler Cranes

These are typically used on large scale construction sites. The crane is housed on tracks, and this has the advantage of spreading the weight evenly among the tracks. This, in turn, means that they can lift very large weights and at a greater height than cranes built on rubber tyres can.

Furthermore, they are very mobile when they have the weight attached to the boom. The boom can reach higher than other crane types, which makes them ideal for large construction site projects. For stability during movement and safety, very large counterweights are needed on crawler cranes.


Those who have specific industrial operations that require a crane to get into a small area, then a mini-crane might be the right vehicle for the job. Their small size means they offer very high levels of maneuverability. A unique advantage is that they permit an operative to control remotely. This allows a crane to be used in an area that would be unsafe for operatives to work in.

Depending on your project, one of these cranes could help you get the job done. Talk to crane hire agencies such as Tolsaf Crane Hire to learn more.