There are various types of enclosures that can be used in shower rooms. Of the various types, shower screens are perhaps the most commonly used type of enclosure. The popularity of shower screens is partly attributable to the numerous advantages associated with their use as shower enclosures.

However, you need to be well-informed before you set out to buy a new shower screen for your bathroom. The article below gives vital information for prospective buyers of shower screens.

Benefits of Investing in a Shower Screen

There are a number of benefits to be enjoyed as you settle for shower screens as your shower enclosures of choice. These benefits include the following:

  • Better hygiene in shower rooms: Shower screens help to improve the hygiene in your shower room by discouraging growth and development of fungi and bacteria. They are able to do this thanks to the non-porous nature of the glass used to make these screens
  • Ease of cleaning: Installing a shower screen will also make it easier to clean your shower area. This is because the glass surfaces of the screens do not encourage accumulation of dirt and grime. Cleaning shower screen surfaces involves the use of a soft cloth and an appropriate glass-cleaning solution, which are both readily available from your local cleaning supplies store.

Types of Shower Screens Available

The most important piece of information to have before you set out to buy shower screens is the type of screens that are available in the market.

Frameless screens are perhaps the most commonly used in the residential setting. These screens are preferred for a number of reasons, including the fact that they are aesthetically pleasing. Frameless shower screens come with clean frameless lines that make the screen sparkle. These shower screens are structurally sound and are safe to use because they are made of toughened safety glass.

Semi-framed and framed shower screens are less common but are also used. Framed screens are the most affordable type of shower screens and are mainly preferred for this reason. Semi-framed shower screens are those partially enclosed in a frame.

 There are several other types of shower screens, including streamline and slim-line shower screens.

Other important considerations that need to be made when shopping for shower screens include the type of shelves used with the screen. Be sure to remember the information presented above when the time comes to invest in a shower screen. For more information, contact a business such as Glass Projects Pty Ltd.