If your home’s exterior or any of the rooms inside your home need a new coat of paint, it’s often tempting to assume that you can do this job yourself and save some money. After all, painting just means applying the paint with a brush and ensuring you don’t get any on the edges, right? This is actually a very shortsighted mistake that homeowners make and one that could wind up costing them more money in the long run. Consider a few reasons why that is.

1. Painting your home’s exterior is actually very dangerous

Being on a ladder is more dangerous than many homeowners realize, and especially so when you are balancing equipment and tools and need to reach up and around such as when painting. A professional contractor of any sort is trained, not just in how to do their job, but in how to set up a ladder and to stay safe when using it.

Consider the cost of any injuries you might suffer if you were to fall from a ladder; even a sprained ankle or broken bone can mean an expensive emergency room visit, and then of course you would need to call someone else to paint your house anyway as you heal. Avoid this expense and this danger and have a professional painter handle the job from the start.

2. Painting requires expertise for the job to last

When you go to the paint supply store you may note that they have shelf after shelf of brushes and rollers, all made with different materials and all priced differently. There are also literally dozens of choices of paints for both interior and exterior work.

This isn’t simply to give you more options when it comes to paint, but different brushes and rollers are used for different surfaces, as are different types of paint. Using the wrong brush or roller, or the wrong paint can mean having it peel away more quickly or get worn and thin from exposure.

Along with painting supplies, you’ll also notice cleaning and prep supplies and these too are very important to prepping a surface as painting it. Again, neglecting this step or not using the right materials and methods can mean seeing your paint fade or peel away very quickly.

A contractor such as BlackSilver will know how to prepare surfaces before painting to ensure the paint job looks its best and lasts. This will keep you from having to repaint again and again, and in turn, you actually save money on that paint job.