In most areas, a pool owner is legally required to have a fence around their pool for the safety of children and animals who might be on the property. There are many different types of pool fences you can purchase, and the first thing a homeowner should do before making their decision is check with their city and any neighbourhood associations about requirements or restrictions. Pool fences in their area may need to be a certain height; neighbourhoods may restrict certain materials and styles.

Once you know of any restrictions or requirements, consider this quick guide for choosing from the various types of pool fencing available for your home.

Glass Fencing

While glass fencing is good for small areas as it allows in maximum light and doesn’t make a space seem closed in, it can also be virtually invisible. This can be a problem if you have wildlife around your property or rambunctious children who may forget about the fence. In those cases, be sure to choose framed glass pool fencing and opt for some type of design in the glass so it’s visible.

One advantage of glass fencing is that the glass can often be shaped and formed in a variety of ways so you can fit it around an oddly shaped pool or create a custom look. It’s easy to clean and usually just needs a good hosing down. Thus, maintenance for a glass pool fence is virtually nonexistent unless a pane gets broken.

Iron Bars

Iron bars or aluminium made to look like iron can give your home a very stately appeal; however, they can also seem a bit prison-like to some. In many areas there are laws about how far apart the bars can be, in order to prevent children and animals from getting their heads stuck between the bars. Be sure you’re aware of any such laws in your area.

Also, note that iron and aluminium are prone to rusting so you may need to have them repaired over time. This is especially important to consider if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow that may pile up against the fence.

Mesh Fencing

Because mesh fencing can look a little industrial, a good way to dress it up is with a frame at the top and bottom. Decorative wood or glass panels can also be installed every few sections, or you might opt for wood posts as installation beams. Mesh fences are durable when it comes to weather but any attempts to climb a mesh fence can cause it to pull out of shape and break.

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